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Intercontinental relocations

Intercontinental transportation can consist of navigation at sea or flying, and regarding these types of relocations, our company assures door-to-door services.
In the framework of transportation via navigation, your goods will be placed in metal containers or in a wooden one if the quantity is smaller.
The same wooden crates will be used in aerial transportation.
If you move from Romania abroad, our company will take care of the of the goods packaging, so that they are protected against damage and moisture, problems that may occur during sea or air transportation. At the destination, XMove partner companies from the destination country will take care of the delivery of your goods.
If you move from abroad to Romania, the partner companies will take care of the process of packing your goods, whilst we will take care of their delivery.
In the case of these types of transports, XMove will assure the elaboration of the customs formalities, both for export and import.

We are moving forward and we are now members of IAM, EURA


Xmove Trans is an accredited member of IAM. IAM is the biggest commercial organization in the framework of the moving and transportation industry regarding merchandise with 2000 members in over 170 countries. Its members offer high standard relocation, expedition, transport and logistics services and we are happy to be one of them.
Also, our company is a EURA member.
Our philosophy
“Relax, we’ll take care of the rest”

You can access the online estimation application by clicking on the button below. You will be able to briefly explain to us what you have to move. Furthermore, if you wish, you can use the possibility of going from room to room and choose each item which is due to be moved.

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