About us

Activating for 16 years on the moving services market, locally, internationally and intercontinentally we have successfully made dozens of relocations every month both for individual entities and companies.

With an experience of at least 10 years, our staff is qualified for moving operations.

The services we can provide to the client are the following:


  • Transportation;
  • Loading/manipulation/unloading;
  • Packing / packaging / protection / unpacking personal effects in / out of boxes;
  • Disassembly / packaging / protection / assembly of furniture objects;
  • Storage.


We have adapted to market requirements and continuously expanded as it follows:


  • We greet the client every time with a friendly approach;
  • We empathize because we know exactly what a relocation requires and how valuable each client’s belongings are;
  • We make FREE pre-moving visits at the client’s location in order to determine the correct volume of goods;
  • We provide customers with FREE insurance of goods throughout the transportation – up to 30,000 euros/truck;
  • Additional FREE insurance not exceeding the limit of 50,000 euros;
  • We manufacture and sell cardboard packaging (boxes, cardboard plates);
  • You can visit our online packaging store right here;
  • We can make the packaging available to the customer before or at the moment of packaging;
  • These are necessary in the packaging/protection process, a particularly important process when preparing for a relocation;

You can access the online estimation application by clicking on the button below. You will be able to briefly explain to us what you have to move. Furthermore, if you wish, you can use the possibility of going from room to room and choose each item which is due to be moved.

Request a free online estimation right now!