Full-service international relocations by car

We make international moves for both individuals and legal entities, throughout the European Union and beyond.
You can call us without any hesitation if you plan to move to a different country or return from abroad.
Although it may seem complicated to you at first glance, we guarantee that you will feel the same as if you were moving to the same city.

In such cases, you benefit of the same services as in the case of local relocations:

  • Coordinating the relocation process as well as the necessary counseling;
  • Our crews will pack all of your personal items starting with the crockery, clothes, office supplies, electronics and appliances and ending with solid furniture. Bubble wrap is used for fragile objects, boxes, and other equipment;
  • Disassembly and then reassembly of furniture objects (It is necessary for moving large furniture objects and it is performed by qualified staff in such operations);
  • Handling and transporting the goods to their destination;
  • Also, all of these services are performed by qualified and experienced staff, using new and clean trucks. When they arrive at the destination, the objects are placed and mounted on the position indicated by you, and the resulting wraps and packaging is taken away for you by the removal team;
  • If you want to pack a certain object or all of your personal belongings by yourself, boxes, labels or other packaging will be provided.

We also offer other flexible relocating services:

  • Moving only furniture or luggage;
  • You have, for example, the possibility of packing the goods yourselves, and we shall just load and transport them;
  • Recycling old furniture from your home;
  • Miscellaneous transportation services.

You can access the online estimation application by clicking on the button below. You will be able to briefly explain to us what you have to move. Furthermore, if you wish, you can use the possibility of going from room to room and choose each item which is due to be moved.

Request a free online estimation right now!